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KRENCEL Cyber Security

If your business is not protected against today’s sophisticated cyber security risks, you risk losing your intellectual property and business secrets to foreign hackers or malicious insiders. KRENCEL cybersecurity is a leading security firm with worldwide capabilities to protect and secure your confidential business information. Our enterprise-level database of vetted networks and vendors allows us to provide you confidence from day one that we’re here to protect you in your full-spectrum cyber security needs. 

Network and Information Security

Network Security is a top priority for every business, especially when it comes to protecting your confidential business information and intellectual property. You need a security firm that knows how to protect your network and safeguard against cyber threats that could compromise the integrity of your systems. KRENCEL cybersecurity provides clients with the best managed extended detention and response services in the industry, as well as proactive cyber threat hunting techniques. We are confident in our ability to keep your network safe from foreign threats and ransomware. To learn more about how we can help protect you, contact us today.

Servicing the needs of your business, KRENCEL cyber security is a leading provider of cybersecurity solutions that protect your intellectual property and confidential information. Our team is comprised of experts who employ the latest in threat hunting techniques and managed EDR which stands for Extended Detection & Response to protect your network from foreign threats and ransomware. We are able to provide you with transparent pricing from day one so that you can feel confident in our ability to keep your data safe.

Managed Endpoint Detection and Response

Companies have had to fight ransomware attacks, and it was a business-wide nightmare. You can potentially suffer from payroll systems being down for days due to the ransom demand, not to mention the massive loss of productivity and reputation when you have thousands of employees that can’t access vital business resources, and you cannot process payroll on time. We know firsthand how devastating these attacks can be.

KRENCEL provides a trusted cyber security solution that protects you against advanced threats, data breaches and ransomware. We offer full-spectrum security with managed extended detention and response, threat hunting and cybersecurity consulting services backed by the world’s most advanced endpoint protection technologies. We are in the top majors for cyber security industrial security.

We are the the leading cyber security firm with worldwide capabilities to protect and secure your intellectual property and confidential business information. To put it simply, we are here to protect you from ransomware and other threats at an affordable price.

Protect your organization from the most sophisticated cyber threats. In a world where your systems and data are increasingly vulnerable to ransomware attacks, external adversaries, and APTs, endpoint security is more important than ever. KRENCEL provides you with real-time visibility into your entire network from endpoints to servers and cloud services.

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KRENCEL CYBER is a managed Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) and Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solutions provider that can protect against ransomware attacks and advanced persistent threats. We protect against threats in real-time, before they can get a foothold into your organizations computer networks and cause damage by encrypting your corporate data by acting as the first line of defense.

Secured Networks