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Protect and secure your intellectual property and confidential business information.

Don’t pay nation-state sponsored ransomware.

Partner with us to implement proper cybersecurity risk mitigation protocols.


KRENCEL cybersecurity is a marketplace leader for small to medium businesses who require cyber security overwatch.

KRENCEL Cybersecurity will stop and alert you to emerging threats with our proactive security monitoring. Our services are available for small to medium businesses, and we have fixed pricing and no surprises. We provide proactive security monitoring across your network and systems, as well as management and response coordination of cybersecurity events. KRENCEL is a top network security service provider offering managed Endpoint Detection and Response and Security Event Information Management.

Highest level protection available

Provided reading the latest antivirus in cyber security techniques to protect your corporate network and intellectual property from foreign threats and ransomware.

Transparent pricing

Were the first in our market to publish our transparent prices publicly. Providing you confidence from day one that we’re here to protect you in your full-spectrum cyber security needs.

Protecting your remote workforce

KRENCEL security also specializes in securing the remote workforce also known as work from home. We can monitor your employee’s remote corporate-owned assets without any other intrusion into their personal lives. We can also provide monitoring of your Office 365 or Google workspace email and file sharing tenets.
 KRENCEL Cyber is a dynamic company focused on cybersecurity and cyber threats to businesses, provides comprehensive consulting and investigation services across the full spectrum of sophisticated threats facing companies today. KRENCEL has developed cutting edge tools and methodologies to help companies protect themselves against modern attacks through forensic analysis of advanced persistent threats (APTs) or otherwise.  Over the past 12 months, we have seen an increase in the number of malicious attacks and targeted cyber-attacks on businesses. In March 2022, a malware attack shut down major services in Ukraine and disrupted websites across Europe as well as large sections of the U.S., including Amazon and Netflix. To protect against these threats, businesses require advanced endpoint protection that detects and stops sophisticated attacks at the earliest possible stage, the endpoint.

KRENCEL cybersecurity monitoring services provides the ability to track and prevent cyberattacks as they happen. We monitor servers, endpoints, applications, and networks.

KRENCEL Cyber Security Services Company is your complete solution for preventing, detecting and mitigating advanced threats that target your endpoints. It combines user behavior analytics and device control with endpoint protection to detect malware at every stage of its lifecycle, stopping threats before they can impact your business. KRENCEL includes intelligence of leveraging human behavior to detect advanced persistent threats (APT) by identifying anomalous activity from our cyber threat sensors as well as from other online indicators including global threat feeds.